Quincy Mae Autumn Winter 2020 Drop 2

Quincy Mae Autumn Winter 2020 Drop 2 is filled with luxuriously soft knits and, for the first time ever, knotted BABY GOWNS! Of course they will be super cozy as they are made with organic ribbed jersey cotton. Complete the comfy and cozy look with a pixie bonnet or headband. 

Also new in this collection is the organic fleece - jumpsuits, sweatshirts, and sweatpants are sure to be warm and cozy, good for both explorations and lounging! 

Continued in Drop 2 is more knit - this fabric was the best-seller of drop 1 and drop 2 brings in a new bodysuit romper called the Dalia Romper. There is a new cable knit sweater in gorgeous earthy tones (clay, olive, and pebble) with matching knit bloomers. And the classic kimono top and footed pant set now is available in knit as well! Knit blankets are back in the new color palette, and beanies, booties, and bonnets complete the new additions to sweater-inspired attire. 

Collection arrives on 9/29 at 11am CDT, and promotional codes are not applicable to items in this collection until 10/6.

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