MilkBarn Fall 2020

New Milkbarn is here!

As always, MilkBarn creates gorgeous scenes on the softest fabrics. This fall's new prints include leap frog and water lily on the bamboo blend and natural dog and natural horse on organic cotton. Dog and horse are the same prints as on the current green dog and pink horse, but now available in a more neutral shade. There are also two new applique prints, tutu elephant and lion, available in the short sleeve one piece and linen bib. 

A new offering in the fall collection is the gown/hat set in bamboo; now you can get this newborn necessity (sized 0-3 months) in blue whale, fish, ships, tutu elephant, potted plants, moose, lion, bear, orange giraffe, floral bicycle, blue bird, and the new water lily and leap frog prints..and these prints also are now available in the knotted hats (3-6 months) and the leggings (3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months) for head to toe comfort and cuteness!  

Please note that promotional codes are not applicable the first week of a new collection launch. 

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MilkBarn Baby Bamboo Zipper Pajama - Water Lily
$ 42.00
MilkBarn Baby Bamboo Zipper Pajama - Leapfrog
$ 42.00
MilkBarn Baby Short Sleeve Bamboo Romper - Leapfrog
$ 34.00
MilkBarn Baby Bamboo Footed Romper - Leapfrog
$ 34.00
MilkBarn Baby Bamboo Long Sleeve One Piece - Leapfrog
$ 26.00
MilkBarn Baby Bamboo Newborn Gown & Hat Set - Leapfrog
$ 39.50
MilkBarn Baby Bamboo Short Sleeve One Piece - Leapfrog
$ 24.00
MilkBarn Baby Bamboo Shortall Romper - Leapfrog
$ 34.00
MilkBarn Baby Bamboo Leggings - Leapfrog
$ 19.00
MilkBarn Baby Big Lovey Bamboo Blanket - Leapfrog
$ 54.00
MilkBarn Baby Mini Lovey - Leapfrog
$ 22.00
MilkBarn Baby Bamboo Knotted Beanie Hat - Leapfrog
$ 12.00