Jamie Kay Ellery Cardigan - Rose

$ 35.00


Jamie Kay Ellery Cardigan - Rose

New from the Jamie Kay Azalea Collection! This cardigan in the gorgeous rose color offers warmth and style, featuring a delicate design in stitching. It is a great transitional piece to be worn across seasons and coordinates well with many of the Jamie Kay florals and is the perfect pop of color to accent other solids. 

100% Cotton

Length : 0-3M 25.5cm , 3-6M 28.5cm , 6-12M 31.5cm , 1YR 35.5cm , 2YR 37.5cm , 3YR 39.5cm , 4YR 41.5cm , 5YR 43.5cm , 6YR 45.5cm 

Chest : 0-3M 23cm , 3-6M 24cm , 6-12M 25cm , 1YR  27cm , 2YR 28cm , 3YR 31cm , 4YR 32cm , 5YR 34cm , 6YR 36cm 

Please note a measurement tolerance of +/- 1.5cm