Welcome to our new Hazel Village Woodland Friends!

Welcome to our new Hazel Village Woodland Friends!

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2019 is the Year of the Pig; Hazel Village's Woodland Friends animal of the year just so happens to be Augustus Boar! A big welcome to the adorable Augustus, who values style and simplicity. He sports super practical and comfortable overalls in a beautiful shade of earthy olive green. He is a limited edition Hazel Village friend, so don't delay if you want to give him a great forever home! 

Hazel Village Augustus Boar Woodland Friend Stuffed Animal Doll

He is joined Barn Chic Boutique with another new friend, Flora Fox, who is cute as can be in her tea party dress. 

Hazel Village Flora Fox Woodland Friend Doll Stuffed Animal

Gracie Cat has rejoined us and is now wearing a tea party dress and adorned with a flower crown, and Lucas Rabbit is back with a new look too - ,he now appreciates the more comfy feel and casual look of the overalls like Augustus. 

Hazel Village Woodland Friend Gracie Cat Flower Crown Dress Stuffed Animal



In addition to Lucas Rabbit, we also have Penelope Rabbit and Zoe Rabbit - no doubt that these bunnies will be making an appearance in several Easter baskets this spring! Any of these sweet Hazel Village Woodland Friends will make the perfect gift for that special little one. 


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