New MilkBarn prints and products; spring line is here!

New MilkBarn prints and products; spring line is here!-Barn Chic Boutique

Bow ties, aprons, and fruity prints - oh my! The new releases are selling fast and you'll see why with these gorgeous pictures!

First up - the new organic linen/cotton pinafore apron. Available in 4 florals, with sizing up to age 6! These are absolutely adorable. 

Up next - the bow tie! These are available in the same 4 beautiful florals as the apron (and are in the same organic linen/cotton blend), as well as in giraffe, whale, and zebra prints. I love that these bow ties are one size and fit up to pre-teen, so this classic piece will fit for years to come!

And now for the new prints - swoon!!!!!

Blue Lemon:

(Shown here in the short sleeve dress/bloomer set)

Green Pear:

(Shown here in the organic muslin cotton swaddle)

And Pink Grapefruit:

(Shown here in the organic cotton footed romper)


Grab the new festive looks before they are gone!!



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