New Milkbarn Kids Spring Collection arriving early-mid February!

MilKBarn Kids lifestyle shot of two toddlers with a peach wearing new organic cotton grasshopper and peaches print long sleeve bodysuits next to the Big Lovey Blanket in grasshopper and peaches outside under a wood canopy.

Lifestyle photo of infant baby on new Milkbarn Kids bamboo crib sheet in bumblebee, covered in the Big Lovey in Bumblebee in a wheat field

New MilkBarn Kids Crib Sheets!

Did you know that Milkbarn now has CRIB SHEETS?!?!?!? They are not only super adorable in their gorgeous watercolor prints, but they are also the softest thanks to organic cotton and silky bamboo! There are 10 adorable designs to choose from: grasshopper, bumblebee, peaches, butterflies (all new for Spring 2021), lion, tutu elephant, artichoke, lemon, chicken, and whale. Crib sheets are one of 2 new products with the Milkbarn Kids Spring 2021 collection, which arrives to Barn Chic Boutique mid-February. 

Milk Barn kids new crib sheets! 100% organic cotton crib sheet in Spring 2021 print Peaches. Product photo for Barn Chic Boutique.

MilkBarn Kids Peaches Crib Sheet on Organic Cotton 

In addition to crib sheets, Milkbarn has launched two precious books that match the chicken print and new butterfly print. Chicken fans, get excited about getting to read a book about the Rooster's adventures and then tuck your little one in on their super soft chicken crib sheet (a reason to make the crib into a toddler bed!). We are hoping they will expand their bedding to include king size sheets! MilkBarn Kids Chicken print footed romper on a little baby laying on the new chicken print organic cotton crib sheet with the new The Little Rooster Book, arriving early spring 2021.


Product image of Milkbarn Kids The Butterfly Ball new book for Spring 2021

The Butterfly Ball is the other book arriving with the Spring 2021 collection, and is a compliment to the new butterfly print. 

In addition to the new butterfly print, new to the Milkbarn print lineup this spring are grasshopper, peaches, and bumblebee. Grasshopper and Peaches are organic cotton, while bumblebee and butterflies are bamboo. 

With new prints comes a few retired prints as well. This collection says goodbye to goat (a personal favorite!), pear, ships, and raccoon. All of these prints are in our SALE! Collection (which is currently 50% off!). 

Here are some lifestyle photos of the gorgeous new prints. 

Milkbarn Kids lifestyle photo of little toddler boy wearing new Spring 2021 bumblebee print bamboo leggings while sitting at picnic table on mom's lap with jar of honey

Bumblebee leggings

Milkbarn Kids Lifestyle Photo of two toddlers wearing new organic cotton prints, Grasshopper and Peaches, while sharing a peach on the Grasshopper Big Lovey Blanket in the romper and long sleeve one piece bodysuit.

Peaches and Grasshopper Big Lovey Blankets and

Long Sleeve One Piece Bodysuits


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