Milkbarn Kids new Fall 2021 Collection arrives soon!

Milkbarn kids fall 2021

Milkbarn Kids adds four great new prints for Fall 2021: duck, grey elephant, owl, and green floral. Duck and grey elephant are on organic cotton and the green floral and owl are on their silky bamboo fabric.

New products this fall include ZIPPER FOOTIES! This zipper style is in addition to the snap footed romper. Many prints are also available in a ruffle design, with a gentle cascading ruffle along the zipper down the front and ruffles across the bottom in the back. Ruffle prints include peaches, chicken, pink horse, green floral, tutu elephant, butterflies, owl, water lily, and blue bird. Non-ruffle prints include giraffe, fish, bumblebee, lion, blue whale, green dog, natural dog, grasshopper, duck, grey elephant, and natural horse. 

Also new are the long sleeve applique one piece bodysuits in seven prints: chicken, dog, whale, giraffe, lion, bird, and tutu elephant.

Milkbarn's widely popular crib sheets have expanded to include more prints, including potted plants, water lily, fish, natural dog, blue bird, and the 4 new prints (duck, owl, green floral, and grey elephant).  

A bit delayed but coming soon - two new books featuring Huck the Duck and Birdy the Elephant. Arrival date to be announced! 

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