Fin & Vince Chapter 2 of the Autumn Fields Collection - arrives 11am on 10/27!

Fin & Vince chapter 2 - toddlers wearing knit suspender pants and wrap cardigans in gingerbread and confetti while sitting on vintage luggage

Finally! We have been long awaiting the second chapter of Fin & Vince's Autumn Fields collection...the beautiful knit pine tree blanket is a retailer exclusive, and we know many of you will come specifically for this piece! 

Fin & Vince Knit Pine Tree blanket Autumn Fields Chapter 2 collection - on bed

We are well-stocked on the baby blanket size; unfortunately we do not have the throw blanket size nor the matching pine tree sweater. Our other items for this drop include the adorable baby and toddler knit suspender pant and matching knit wrap cardigan in both the gingerbread and confetti shades, and the gorgeous and super soft heirloom sweater in confetti and crimson (crimson is a perfect match with any of the apple print pieces from the first chapter!). 

Fin & Vince Heirloom Sweater in Crimson - girl standing in front of a vintage chalkboard with sweater over the apple dress from Chapter 1 of the Autumn Fields Collection 2020

Fin & Vince Chapter 2 - toddlers wearing knit suspender pants and wrap cardigans in confetti and gingerbread standing on suitcases.

A bonus product moved up to the second chapter is the Autumn Striped Rib Turtleneck - all other turtlenecks arrive in chapter 3 (launch date TBD), but we are happy to have this style here now...don't miss this collection's launch at 11:00am Central on Tuesday, October 27 (note the time change here! Previously the launch was at 10am central but was pushed back an hour by Fin & Vince). 

Don't miss the pine tree blankets and these great heirloom quality winter pieces for babies, toddlers, and children! 

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