MilkBarn Kids Sleep Sacks now on sale!

MilkBarn Kids Sleep Sacks now on sale!

The sleep sacks from MilkBarn Kids are one of my personal favorite products - my daughter wears one for every nap and nighttime sleep!

Pink Alpaca Milkbarn Kids sleep sack bamboo


Sadly, these sacks have been retired by MilkBarn and we are down to our final few - be sure to check them out in the SALE! Collection.

The prints we have left include pink alpaca, pink panda, and blue panda, and they are offered in both the plush (1.0 TOG, 2 layers) and traditional (.5 TOG, 1 layer) style. These sacks ensure safe sleep as they are wearable blankets that provide warmth in these winter months. Be sure to grab one before they are gone for good! 

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