Add Barn Chic Boutique items to your Babylist Registry!

Add Barn Chic Boutique items to your Babylist Registry!-Barn Chic Boutique

As we prepare for the arrival of our second baby (due at the end of December!), I am LOVING the universal registry option through Babylist! You can create a great registry and add items from ANY store with one simple click of a button - no more having to register at several stores, and your friends and family can easily navigate to the store where your pre-selected items are sold, purchase online (or at a brick & mortar store), and then mark the items as purchased. This is especially great for those harder to find items from local and boutique stores! It can't get any easier!  

Babylist streamlines the process by offering a Babylist button that you (the registrant) install on your toolbar - follow the directions here and then simply click the button every time you are on the webpage for an item you want to add to your registry. You can add sizing or other details in the comments section. 

If you utilize a universal registry service like the one provided on Babylist, please email us and I will create a special discount code for your guests to help promote you receiving adorable Baby Barn Chic goods for your little one! 

Happy registering! 

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