Milkbarn Kids Spring 2021

Launching the week of January 25, Milkbarn Kids has 4 new prints and 2 new products for Spring 2021 - bedtime just got cozier and cuter thanks to the brand new organic cotton CRIB SHEETS! The same famously soft cotton and bamboo used in their swaddles, burp cloths, loveys, and apparel now is available in crib sheets, in 10 gorgeous prints that your little one is sure to love: grasshopper, bumblebee, peaches, butterflies (all new for Spring 2021), lion, tutu elephant, artichoke, lemon, chicken, and whale. 

In addition to crib sheets, Milkbarn has launched two precious books that match the chicken print and new butterfly print. Chicken fans, get excited about getting to read a book about the Rooster's adventures and then tuck your little one in on their super soft chicken crib sheet (a reason to make the crib into a toddler bed!). 

The four new prints (grasshopper and peaches on organic cotton and bumblebee and butterfly on bamboo) will be available in all apparel, accessories, and blanket items. 

A few prints joined the retired list - raccoon, goat, ships, and grab any items left in these designs in our SALE! Collection at a great price while supplies last.  

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