Say farewell to these retired Milkbarn products...

Say farewell to these retired Milkbarn products...-Barn Chic Boutique

Viewing the new spring Milkbarn catalog is pure joy! The Spring 2017 line is filled with *LOADS* of new products and prints; I cannot wait to share it all with you soon! But until then, I will say hint that there is expansion of products in the super popular and amazingly soft bamboo prints (bow tie moose, pink and green umbrella pandas, tutu elephant), and there is a new feminine floral bamboo line that includes lots for baby and gorgeous nursing scarves for mamas! I am anxiously awaiting our shipment!

But with the excitement of viewing all the new items, there is some sadness when I discover what was retired...and should you have a particular affinity for any of the discontinued prints or products, I want to share those now so you can stock up before they sell out.



Get them before they are gone! 

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